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How To Pick The Right Quartz Worktop

Since quartz worktops will take a major chunk of your budget, you’d want to pick your countertop first. If you don’t know where to begin with, here are some essential factors to consider when choosing the best quartz countertop for your home:

Pick a Right Colour Palette

The smart design often begins with great colour. So, when you start shopping for a quartz worktop, it’s best to know which colours work the best for you. You may create a design board using paint samples or be inspired by Pinterest and save the ideas or designs you like the best.

For a kitchen space, you might want to pick two major colours and one accent colours. These two can be subtle yet complementing each other, whereas the third hue should give a colour pop or can be neutral to tie the whole colour scheme together. While you can change the accessories, appliances and decor pieces in a kitchen, the main colour scheme remains with you for many years. Therefore, think carefully before choosing it.

Bring Samples with You

When picking the kitchen countertops, it’s best to take colour paint samples with you and the pictures of some materials that you like. If you have selected brand-new quartz, it’s best to bring home a few samples before choosing the right quartz worktops for your home. This will let you test the material under your actual kitchen lighting instead of the bright light of a showroom.

If your countertop is not completely solid in color, you may pull the coordinating hues from the flecks, specks or veining. For example, you can match the subtle veins of Statuary Classique or Mara Blanca with grey cabinets or other subtle undertones. Since a kitchen counter top is part of the three different components in a kitchen space, you must try to bring all three of them in harmony.

Lighting Also Plays a Major Role

The lighting plays an important role to have a big effect on the worktop colour. This means that quartz worktops may appear different under natural lighting in the daytime and the artificial lighting during the night.

Most people test samples vertically rather than placing them horizontally in a way how these materials will be installed. You may try to cover your countertop with a towel or sheet in your chosen colour to help you get the idea of how the desired colour will appear in your kitchen.

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